Sunday, January 02, 2011

New year, new things to try. This is the first post on a new blog. I have no idea if I will attract any interest on this little corner of the Internet but we'll see how this goes.

So how did I start the new year? Took my Uberti 1858 Remington replica to the range and discovered just how different a cap and ball revolver is from a centerfire revolver in terms of ballistics. It's a .44 with an 8" barrel, and it hits 4" low at 7 yards. It hits about 11" low from point of aim at 25 yards!! Once sighted in, and once I understood how to hold high, it was pretty accurate. I just wonder about those ballistics... it's kind of like the nightmare I sometimes have that I have to use a handgun defensively and the bullets come out so slow I can SEE them in flight... and see them bouncing off the target... who then gets MAD at me.

Came home, ran hot water over the gun and cleaned it up good, then took the fleet down from the tree. See, I'm Jewish, but wife was raised Catholic, and therefore we have a tree every year. As a first-generation Trekkie, I like Star Trek ornaments - there are no less than five Enterprises on my tree! Five different ones, I might add.